Nikoloski: Macedonia has been brought to a subordinate position in the negotiations with Bulgaria due to the lack of a national strategy


Macedonia has been brought to a seriously subordinate position in relation to Bulgaria due to the lack of a national strategy, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President and Member of the Macedonian Parliament Aleksandar Nikoloski in an interview with TV Alsat M.

Nikoloski stressed that the problem with Bulgaria cannot be resolved with two talks at the table, pointing out that until the current political actors in the government understand that, Macedonia will continuously lose.

“I urge that a national strategy for relations with Bulgaria be built. Bulgaria’s policy towards Macedonia is clear. They look at us in a different way we look at ourselves, and until the top political actors in Macedonia understand that, we will have a serious problem. It is not the problem with Bulgaria from today to tomorrow and it cannot be solved with two talks at the table. And that is why Macedonia is continuously losing. If we have a clear strategy, we will be able to set our clear positions, from which I think we must not move an inch,” Nikoloski said.

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