Osmani: We have brought the positions with Bulgaria so close, it will be a historical pity if we fail


Perhaps this is the only and last chance to save the relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria, because in the future the Government will have less and less political energy, but also the whole society to commit to an issue that consumes political energy, but of course it consumes the citizens in these continuous cycles of hope and frustration, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani at Saturday’s press conference.

The Foreign Minister believes that they are obliged not to expose the citizens to such endless frustrations and disappointments and that one day it will be necessary to draw a line, i.e. to say that enough was enough.

“We cannot have an approach in which governments will be thematic, dealing with only one issue and one hope. We will have to focus inside, to continue inside with the reforms, with the Europeanization of the country, but there will be no energy to continue as it was until now. And we tell that to Bulgaria that now there is a window of opportunity and maybe a last chance to save what we have built in the previous months and to start a new chapter of positive relations between our countries, but also to the EU that they will have to say what to do next,” said Osmani.


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