The strategic dialogue with the United States has been prepared for months, says PM Kovachevski


Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski said on Sunday that the strategic dialogue with the United States has been prepared for several months, practically with the arrival of the new government, Macedonian diplomacy worked with US counterparts to conceptualize the form of that strategic dialogue.

Kovachevski listed the areas of cooperation, including energy, and mentioned last week’s meeting in Alexandropolis, noting that for the first time the country will have a flow of gas that is not from east to west, but will be from south to north.

“Practically, the United States gave its strategic support there with the presence of all ambassadors from the region. North Macedonia has already leased quantities in the terminal, normally through ESM, and we have also made the necessary decisions and secured the financial means to participate in ownership in the Alexandropolis terminal, which will normally depend on the shareholders who are already there and their decision to sell part of those shares to North Macedonia,” Kovachevski said.


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