Vine farmers: If our demands are not met, we will block all roads in Macedonia with all associations!


The farmers’ association “Tikvesh vine and fruit farmers” organized a protest on Sunday, during which the Kavadarci – Negotino road was blocked. The protest was organized by the farmers because of the unresolved problems with the irrigation water in the vineyards and the unfulfilled promises by the government.

“If nothing is done regarding our requests by Sunday the latest, if the water is not released for irrigation, if Zoran Sapurikj and the minister do not come to Kavadarci to solve the fastest and most necessary things, if they are not resolved then we will have to radically we act, to block the roads or together with all associations in all of Macedonia to all go out on the same day and block. Let’s block all roads, so maybe the government will hear the voice of all farmers,” the association member said.


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