Lefkov: It’s enough, we’ll protest on June 18 in front of the Government for change and a better life


    It’s enough, silence is not an option, we will stage a protest to overthrow the government on June 18, a protest for change and a better life. VMRO-DPMNE at yesterday’s session of the party’s EC concluded that the government had a long enough period to show results, but not only did not show, but also did not bring into great poverty, inflation is double-digit, wages have never risen, crime and corruption have become way of working, VMRO-DPMNE MP Mile Lefkov told a press conference on Tuesday.
    The opposition MP pointed out that SDSM and DUI dealt catastrophically badly with the health crisis, and in the midst of a pandemic while the people were dying, they agreed on vaccine commissions and procured supplies behind closed doors.
    “The Government is not doing anything to prepare the country in the run-up to the energy crisis. We pay for expensive electricity not because the price on the world stock exchanges is high, but because we do not produce, and we have to import up to 50% of the consumption. And there is no production because it was stolen in REK and ELEM. Public debt in the past period has been increasing from year to year, and there is no capital investment. The debt of 4.7 billion in 2017 has risen to 7.2 billion so far, with the announcement of 900 million euros in debt from the IMF and a new Eurobond, and thus the debt will be almost doubled. This government has a debacle in the international arena as well, 5 years we have not started negotiations for EU accession and 5 years only humiliations. And the government crowned all this inaction with crime and corruption, with a partisan judiciary and administration. After more than a year, there is no responsibility for the accident near Laskarci, for the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo and the bus accident in Bulgaria,” MP Lefkov elaborated.

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