AJM and SSNM: The police report by the manager against reporter Delevska is a false report and an attempt to silence and intimidate


The case with the summoning of reporter Delevska to the Ministry of Interior for an official conversation at the Centar police station due to a published article, goes in a relation that we constantly talk about, and that is the two key elements – we to have healthy journalism within a democratic society, as what we declare – one aspect is socio-economic security, the second would be the absence of censorship and self-censorship. So the case with my colleague Delevska goes to the fact that we have another unwanted attempt to intimidate and endanger the work, said in the morning briefing Pavle Belovski, president of the Independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers (SSNM).
“I do not want to believe that we have mechanisms that at one time the authorities were calculating with our profession. There are big flaws and we cannot deviate from that. The fragility of the Ministry of Interior has been shown again,” says Belovski.
According to the President of the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) Mladen Chadikovski, if this was an incident, the Ministry of Interior would be able to realistically and quickly see the mistake and take sanctions for the one who made the mistake.
“The alarm should be sounded, we should be even more vigilant in monitoring these things and the way the institutions practice the rule of law. This was not to happen. Now we expect a sanction,” says Chadikovski.

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