MOC-OA Synod accepts invitation for joint SOC liturgy


The Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric has accepted the invitation of the Serbian Orthodox Church to hold a reconciliation liturgy on Thursday in the church St. Sava in Belgrade. “We have accepted the invitation from the Serbian Patriarch, i.e. the Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Church to establish Eucharistic unity with the whole Orthodox world, of course with this hierarchical liturgy that will be celebrated tomorrow in the Cathedral dedicated to St. Sava,” the spokesperson of MOC Bishop Timotej said on Wednesday.

The liturgy is scheduled for 9 am, and the Serbian Patriarch Porphyry, as reported by the Serbian media, called on the faithful to attend the hierarchical liturgy in as large a number as possible.

Today, after the coordination meeting of the Holy Synod regarding the decision of the SOC to declare canonical unity with the MOC-OA, Timotej pointed out that the MOC will be led at the liturgy by the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HH Stefan and three metropolitans in the rank of the oldest, accompanied by several of their associates.


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