Osmani: There are Bulgarians who provoke to make Macedonia look guilty and remain blocked


Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani thinks that one should not fall prey to the provocations coming from Bulgaria, when asked about the statement of the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev who announced that he will not allow the identification of Macedonianism in Europe, Osmani said that the neighbors intend to impose on Macedonia to take the blame.

“I think I said on another occasion, there are stakeholders in Bulgaria, I cannot emphasize President Radev, not only do they want the blockade to continue, but for Macedonia to take the blame before the world. That is why there are attempts for provocation and blockade, so that we fall to those provocations and make mistakes in the last weeks of the process. If not just us, let’s be equal as culprits, together. So far, North Macedonia has no objections from anyone to this process. I think that these weeks and days it is important that we don’t fall prey to the provocations,” Osmani added.


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