We will not make concessions in the negotiations with Bulgaria, says Kovachevski


At the joint press conference of the Prime Ministers of Macedonia and Serbia, Dimitar Kovachevski and Ana Brnabic, the Macedonian Prime Minister was asked what concessions is the Government ready to make in order to resolve the dispute with Bulgaria. Kovachevski replied “we are not ready to make any concessions”.

“We are not ready to make any concessions, the solution must be based on European values, which means that it must be based on mutual respect between politicians, institutions and citizens of the countries.” In that context, I want to emphasize that we want a dignified solution. We have a declaration in the Parliament accepted by the parliamentary parties and that declaration is the basis for our negotiating team in this dispute. The solution must be acceptable to both countries and for the good of the region,” said Kovacevski, who had previously given a broader explanation of the talks so far.


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