EU negotiating framework with Bulgaria’s demands should not be accepted, says Gjorchev


The former Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Bulgaria Marjan Gjorchev in an interview with Alfa TV said it was obvious that Bulgaria had supporters in the EU with its policy.

“It is quite certain that there are strong supporters in the EU on the side of Bulgaria and the epilogue of all this is today’s session of the European Parliament where a vote will be taken to insert the package that Bulgaria is asking of us,” Gjorchev said.

Gjorchev added that the insertion in Chapter 35 of the European Law definitely means a precedent in Europe because a bilateral issue is inserted that is not subject to what is the European Law on Negotiations for a candidate for full status.

Gjorchev stressed that this way of treatment and attitude towards the Republic of Macedonia is not only unprincipled, but also very cruel and undignified.

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