Government kept the promise for an average salary of MKD 30,000, Kovachevski says


The average salary of 30,000 denars has been exceeded, and thus one of the most important promises of the Government has been kept, said Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski in a video address to the citizens. According to the PM, N. Macedonia is facing a difficult winter, but he assures that the Government will do everything to reduce price shocks.

“Few believed that we would have an average salary of 30,000 denars. This promise was the target of criticism and ridicule, but with consistent policies we managed to realize it. In a time of great economic crisis, we realize how important it is to invest in the incomes of citizens and workers. By raising wages, we protect ourselves from the large increase in prices, and we direct the Budget where it is most needed. We are facing a difficult winter in which we will make every effort to reduce price shocks,” said Kovachevski.

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