Government has projected a budget deficit bigger than the capital expenditures, accuses Stojanoski


During the month of June, the Parliament will review the 2022 Budget Review. The Besimi–Kovachevski duo, only 6 months ago in this Parliament tried to convince us that the 2022 Budget was made to respond to the crises facing the country and that there will be a record level of capital expenditures that will overcome the budget deficit.

As a reminder, back in November, the state leadership was informed that Russia would invade Ukraine, and since the summer of 2021 they knew that the price of electricity would rise. In just six months, the Besimi – Kovachevski duo, admitted that they had planned 200 million euros in unproductive expenses in the budget, which they are now cutting, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Bojan Stojanoski on Monday’s press briefing.

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