Kovachki: By staying silent, SDSM takes the blame and responsibility for Xhaferi’s behavior


Today is a working day in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and if he had at least anounce of virtue, Talat Xhaferi would have resigned from the position of Parliament Speaker today. First he would do it because of the primitive and vulgar behavior he manifested towards the employees whom he cursed and insulted. Secondly, because of the scandalous meeting he had with a delegation that included a Chechen politician, former member of the Russian Duma and collaborator with the Kremlin regime, MP and member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC Dragan Kovachki, at told a press conference on Monday.

The opposition MP stressed that these two scandals are enough to end the career of any politician in Europe, not to mention the career of a Parliament Speaker.

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