The revolt of the professional soldiers is justified, the MoD to find a dignified solution, says Nacev


In my opinion, their revolt is justified and a dignified solution should be found for those people, says university professor Aleksandar Nacev after yesterday’s protest by the trade union of professional soldiers, after a limit was set for professional soldiers up to 45 years to serve in the Army, adding that these are professionals who have responsibly served the system even after 25 years.

“We saw yesterday the expression of dissatisfaction by the professional soldiers. Yesterday’s protest was by a union of professional soldiers who came up with their demands which are reasonable and rational, as most of those demands were probably promised to them by their employer, and which they certainly have an interest in as a trade union organization to they deliver them to their members,” added Nacev.

Professional soldiers are very successful in what they do, really top professionals, Nacev said, adding that now the limit set by the state up to 45 years of age can work in the Army, according to them and, according to him, maybe to perform combat operations is enough, but still these are people who for many years, some of them after 20/25 years served within the Ministry of Defense.

“And in my opinion, it is a real pity that such professionals who are used to serving the state in an institution that requires discipline and responsibility, are forgotten and in my opinion their revolt is justified and a dignified solution should be found for those people,” Nacev noted.

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