Bulgaria is just a good cover for certain other movements in the EU, says Nikoloski


It is extremely irresponsible for the two largest political parties not to have normal communication and dialogue. This does not mean that we have to agree on everything, on the contrary, on many issues we have different views on what is good and what is democratic. But there are so many important issues in the country that must be discussed, says VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski.

Nikoloski said that for a month and a half the Prime Minister DimitarKovachevski and his party SDSM are running away from a leadership meeting and thus bring Macedonia into an even worse situation, emphasizing that VMRO-DPMNE offered teams in four key areas in order to help solve the problems faced by both citizens and the country.

According to Nikoloski, Macedonia is in an unequal position regarding the negotiations with Bulgaria, noting that so far VMRO-DPMNE has not received any information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government about Bulgaria’s demands.

“I do not think that the big member states of the European Union do not know that they should put pressure, but I think that Bulgaria is just a good cover for certain other movements in the EU. So not having enough pressure on Bulgaria puts Macedonia in an unequal position,” Nikoloski said.

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