Five months before this year’s purchase, “Tikvesh” starts signing contracts with farmers and has a contractual purchase


Following its long-term development strategy based on partnership with real farmers, the Tikvesh winery, five months before the official start of this year’s harvest, began the process of defining cooperation and signing agreements with vine farmers.

At a meeting with the growers in the winery in Kavadarci, the management of “Tikvesh” presented the way in which the mutual business cooperation will take place, which is based on respecting the world standards for growing vineyards, as well as the exact criteria according to which the quality of grapes will be determined, in accordance with the best world practices and the requirements of the markets where the wine of “Tikvesh” is placed.

The quantities that will be purchased were determined at the meeting, as well as the framework price for the grapes, which are significantly higher than last year, as well as the additional bonuses for the delivered grapes with extra quality intended for the production of premium wines. Growers were also given guidelines on the dynamics of harvesting and receiving grapes in the winery, to avoid side effects of various pressures and blackmail for receiving grapes by individuals who do not have a regulated contractual relationship with the winery, and are motivated by other interests that have nothing to do with real viticulture and winemaking.

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