Work in Macedonia is shorter than in the EU, but so is life expectancy


    The age at which he retires regularly in European countries is different and ranges from a maximum of 67 to at least 56 years, in the Balkan countries, the age at which he can retire is similar and ranges around 64-65 years, and in Macedonia, men retire at 64, women at 62, with the option to continue working up to 64, as well as men.
    In the country, the condition for exercising the right to an old-age pension for men is when they turn 64, ie 62 for a woman and at least 15 years of work experience is regulated for the first time in the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance adopted in 2000.
    “In the transitional period from September 1, 2000 to December 31, 2001, i.e. December 31, 2007, the age limit for acquiring the right to an old-age pension for men and women is gradually increasing,” said the MLSP.
    There are also differences in life expectancy, which at birth in the EU in 2020 is 80.4 years, which is 0.9 years lower compared to the previous 2019. Life expectancy at birth in Macedonia compared to 2019 decreased by 2.2 years, when it was 76.6 years, which is the largest decrease among all countries in the region, while in Bulgaria and Serbia is shorter by 1.5 years.

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