Тemelko Risteski’s report must be the basis for an investigation by the PPO for partisanship and misuse of the budget for party purposes, says Stoilkovski


Temelko Risteski is not a random person or a man who does not know what can be part of such an official report. The MoD, the Secretary of State, also accepts this report, a document, as something normal. Thus, this document shows that Temelko Risteski has fulfilled the tasks for which he was hired by the MoD by SDSM officials – Minister and State Secretary, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski on Thursday.

“This clearly indicates the degree of partisanship of the institution. This clearly indicates the misuse of the budget for party purposes. This clearly indicates the arbitrariness and appropriation of the budget for party and election purposes by SDSM. Only for Temelko Risteski, the MoD paid 30,000 denars 14 times with taxpayers’ money, twice 45,000 denars, once over 20,000 denars and several times in smaller amounts,” the opposition spokesperson said.

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