Simovski: We are not as uneducated as it is to use the SSO data improperly


The State Statistical Office celebrated 77 years of its existence, and yesterday was World Statistics Day. We as an institution show results. As an institution, we try to follow the trends in the world, but on the other hand we do not have the capacity. We do not have a school for statistics, there are only subjects in statistics at certain faculties, director of the State Statistical Office (SSO) Apostol Simovski said in a TV interview.

“Within the European statistics, the SSO has opportunities and sends employees to Eurostat, but not too often because we do not have a sufficient number of statisticians, informs the director of the SSO.  We do not have enough trained people. Statistics is a craft and people who have just graduated from college and did not have special training cannot be included without training,” Simovski added.

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