Due to the criminal government and JSC ELEM, we pay EUR 250 million for import of electricity that used to be produced at home


In the past 2 years we have been producing 1 terawatt hours of electricity less per year. Instead of domestic production as in the time of VMRO-DPMNE, we now import that electricity. Up to 250 million euros are spent annually for the purchase of 1 terawatt hours of electricity. It is money that flows from the state in the form of foreign currency, accused opposition party VMRO-DPMNE.

“If the Government worked in the field of energy, those 250 million euros, instead of importing expensive electricity, could be invested in new energy facilities in the country. With the current practice of work, ie. unemployment and theft, the energy system is collapsing, and the production of domestic electricity is decreasing. In the medium to long term, this will mean complete energy dependence of the state on electricity imports, and uncertainty for households and the economy, which instead of domestic sources will be supplied from foreign electricity markets, which is more expensive,” said the largest opposition party.

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