State graduation exam for 15,899 students kicks off Saturday


High school students across the country will begin taking the first external exam on Saturday –language and literature from the state graduation for the school year 2021/2022. According to the data of the State Examination Center (DIC), 11 060 graduates have registered for the Macedonian language test, 4308 for the Albanian language and 313 for the Turkish language.
This year, 15,899 students who are graduating from high school applied for the exam, which is a condition for enrolling in college. Of these, 7,135 are from high schools, 8,504 from vocational schools and 260 from art schools.
The second external exam will be taken on June 13 at 10 am. It is chosen by the students, and this year the most applied for the English language test – 14 320 candidates. 1231 will take mathematics, 118 will take German, there are thirty candidates for the French language test, 10 for Russian, 15 will take philosophy and 100 candidates will apply for aesthetics.

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