Trajanov: Bulgaria pursues Russian interests in the Balkans, intelligence services should investigate who is behind the arson in Bitola


The party leader of the Democratic Union Pavle Trajanov commented on Tuesday’s arrest of the singer Lambe Alabakovski who is suspected of setting the fire at the Cultural Center in Bitola and believes that the whole case has a completely different background.

“Relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia are at the lowest historical level. This is not an authentic Bulgarian policy towards Macedonia, with the veto, but it is a policy of Russia in the Balkans. Russia has been protecting its interests through Bulgaria. It happened before with Borisov, Foreign Minister Zaharieva, Karakachanov, but the most blind follower of Russian policy is practically the President of Bulgaria, Radev, Democratic Union leader Pavle Trajanov told the “Utrinski brifing” show, and added that unfortunately Bulgaria has entered the Russian agenda.

Trajanov estimates that historically Macedonia has never had the support of Russia, and on the other hand the war in Ukraine has shown that there is a great pro-Russian mood in the country.

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