Jani Makraduli buys himself a EUR 40,000 BMW, while the employees were protesting for salaries


The former head of Ad Post Jani Makraduli in his property list added that since last year, i.e. from 2021, he owns a BMW X1 vehicle worth 2,381,225 denars, or almost 40,000 euros, as a personal property, through a purchase agreement.

Makraduli was fired two months ago as head of the Macedonian Post, immediately after the arrest of Government Secretary General Muhamed Zekiri, for signing a contract without a public procedure for a feasibility study for the privatization of this state-owned joint stock company.

On April 19, the Government dismissed Jani Makraduli from the position of Chair of the Management Board and General Manager of AD Post of North Macedonia and appointed Vasko Stefanov, who was Deputy Director of the ESA, to this position.



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