Power meters will have to be checked at least four times a year, says ERC


Elektrodistribucija will have to check the electricity meters at least four times a year, said the director of the Energy Regulatory Commission Marko Bislimoski, after the meeting with the Ombudsman Naser Ziberi, who has many complaints from citizens due to irregular meter readings and high bills, which was occasion for the joint meeting.
Under current regulations, the obligation to check current meters is once a year.

“It is recommended to do it more often, especially in the winter months. The possibility for equal payment of electricity in 12 installments is left. That is, to see what is the annual electricity consumption for a household, so that it does not happen, for example, in winter to pay for electricity at 8,000 denars, and in summer at 1,500 denars. If they want, they can pay equal amounts for 12 months. We will talk about this with the energy companies,” Bislimoski said.

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