Thirty-one ARM members to be sent to Kosovo to participate in NATO operation


At Wednesday’s session, at the proposal of the Ministry of Defense, the Government decided to send 31 members of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia to participate in the NATO operation KFOR in the Republic of Kosovo for a period of six months, counting from August 2022, and decided to send two members of the Army for participating in the “ANATOLIAN EAGLE 22” exercise in the Republic of Turkey, the government press service said on Wednesday.

“Also, a Decision was adopted for approval, entry and residence of 33 members of the SOUTH EAST EUROPE BRIGADE – SEEBRIG, from the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Hellenic Republic, the Republic of Romania and the Republic of Turkey with material-technical means, military motor vehicles and equipment on the territory of the Republic of N. Macedonia, which together with nine members of the military and civilian personnel of the Army of the Republic of N. Macedonia, will participate in the performance of duties in the Command of the Southeast Europe Brigade – SEEBRIG.

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