Nikoloski: Bulgaria wants Macedonia to change history, to say that it did not occupy Macedonia and did not deport Macedonian Jews to Treblinka


There was a large Jewish community in Skopje, as well as in Macedonia as a whole, but unfortunately during the Second World War, mainly, most of the people living in Skopje were actually over 90% deported to Treblinka, to death camps, and now has a small community. But we have built a Holocaust Museum, one of the few in Europe, in the very center of the city where we want to commemorate the victims, ​​VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski told the Council of Europe on Thursday.

“We all know that Macedonia has a huge problem with Bulgaria over the start of accession negotiations with the European Union. One of the key issues we face is related to history, but also to the denial of the Bulgarian state during World War II, they were the ones who occupied today’s Macedonia. They were the ones who unfortunately organized this expulsion of the Jewish community and they were the ones who sent them to Treblinka. What we are asking them to do is to mark it and acknowledge that it happened,” Nikoloski said.

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