Situation in the prisons is worrying – prisoners sleep on the floor, bathe in cold water, cell are full of cockroaches, reveals Ombudsman Naser Ziberi


Overcrowded rooms full of bugs, mold, moisture… sponges, iron beds, even on the floor, broken taps, cold water shower or no water use at all, etc. These are some of the conditions in prisons in the country which have not changed for years, and which were presented in the Annual Report by the Ombudsman NaserZiberi.

“The problem of overcrowding in prisons across the country continues, and the situation in the prison in Idrizovo is worrying. Even more worrying is that in this institution is half of the population sent to prison. In Idrizovo, it was concluded that 16 people are in one cell, and there are 8 beds and 16 square meters, there are 12 people in 19 square meters, and there are more than 9 people,” said Ziberi.

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