ESM makes excuses: The offered price of 48e/MWh is in order not to significantly affect the final price of electricity for citizens


Since 2019, AD ESM is a guarantor and stabilizer of the price of electricity in conditions of liberalization. Although the law gives us the opportunity to deliver energy of only 60% of the needs of EVN Home, and to sell the other quantities on the free market and to earn additional money, AD ESM will again deliver 100% for the needs of citizens and small consumers, said the state-owned ESM.

As for the price, AD ESM offered a lower price, of 48 euros per megawatt hour, because with such a price there will be only a slight increase in the final price for citizens. ESM participates with about 32% in the price for the final consumers.

The company adds: The price we have offered is a result of the increased engagement of the employees, who with superhuman efforts and day and night engagement provide electricity for the citizens and the companies in these extremely difficult conditions, especially when there is a shortage of fuel oil and natural gas in Southern Europe.

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