Workers’ anger is growing, they will take to the streets – the SSM demands the institutions to immediately increase salaries


The Federation of Trade Unions (SSM) on Monday continued the general strike by blocking the crossroads in the settlement Avtokomanda on the boulevard Aleksandar Makedonski with the 16 Makedonska Brigada Street. The blockade lasted between 7 and 10 am, and only ambulances, police, army and fire brigades were allowed to pass through.
The SSM head Darko Dimovski said that they will persist in the request for immediate linear salary increase of 2,806 denars for each employee.
The Macedonian worker can no longer withstand the price shocks, the energy and the oil crisis. The central and local government should immediately increase the salaries, Dimovski stressed.
Dimovski stressed that workers in the country due to the crisis cannot wait long for their demands to be met.

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