When Kovachevski has already admitted that negotiations are secret, what are they negotiating and what are the positions of the negotiating team, asks Arsovski


Dimitar Kovachevski admitted that at the moment, in the past few days, including today, there are still secret negotiations behind closed doors in Sofia, regarding the proposal for the EU protocol. Kovachevski officially admitted in front of the public that you are a team composed of subjects of this irrational and diplomatically unsuccessful government led by him, negotiating with official Sofia to seal the fate of the citizens and the Republic of Macedonia, although we all know what the citizens’ opinion, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson  Dimche Arsovski told the media on Wednesday.

“When Kovachevski has already admitted that negotiations are taking place, we publicly ask him, what is this team negotiating on behalf of this wasteful Government negotiating? What are the positions of the team sent by the Government of Dimitar Kovachevski? What have they agreed so far, so that some people close to the Government and SDSM, publicly say that there is room to negotiate the protocol, although we know what that means? These are the issues that we are all concerned about as a public, for the simple reason that this Government has hijacked the future of the Republic of Macedonia. These are the questions that must be answered immediately, and not this Government to cowardly conduct negotiations that do not benefit the interests of the citizens and the Republic of Macedonia,” said Arsovski.

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