SSM protests in front of MISA for a linear salary increase


 The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) on Wednesday continued the protest activities in front of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA) where the presidency of SSM demanded fulfillment of the promised linear wage increase by MKD 2,806 by July 1, i.e. a total of MKD 30 million with the supplementary budget.

“MISA was part of the team that negotiated for those 2,806 denars linear increase of salaries of all workers and return of recourse in the public sector from 30 to 100 percent for all workers. That is why today we call on the Minister of Information Society, who is part and was part of that negotiating team, if they really aspire for a new methodology, for reforms in the administration, for a new law on salaries for administrative workers, let him lead, we are before his ministry, he should let us know if he has sincere intentions and does not buy time. If not, he will one day be judged, today he is a minister, tomorrow he will become an ordinary worker just like us. I appeal to both the central and local government – to come out, to increase the salaries of all workers in this difficult time with double-digit inflation and all kinds of crises,” said the SSM leader Darko Dimovski.

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