Bulgaria will get a footnote that the Macedonian language is a Bulgarian dialect


A broad consensus is needed to make a decision, on whether we will go where we decided back in 1990 or we will wander around the Balkans and deal with things that the young generations do not even understand, says Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski at the meeting with the representatives to the media.

“I’m glad that I rejected the proposal in Brussels and didn’t go out in public afterwards to score cheap political points. Now there is a proposal on the table that we want,” said the Prime Minister.

Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani explained the details of the proposal.

“Language was the biggest problem in the negotiations and it was the most difficult issue. That took most of the energy out of the negotiations. We did not try to change Bulgaria’s opinion, but to explain to the European partners that this is unacceptable. In the negotiating framework with the EU, there is now a clear wording in the Macedonian language, only with a note by the Bulgarian representative that will be included in the minutes. Only once will there be a footnote that Bulgaria considers our language a dialect of Bulgarian,” said Osmani.

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