Dimitrov: There is no new proposal, it’s a lie that historical issues are not in the framework


The new packaging of the proposal is absolutely the same irreparable debacle with which we may open negotiations with the EU if we change the Constitution, but we will never finish them. Even in the packaging of the “changes” they did not put much effort, former Minister of Foreign Affairs as a member of the ruling SDSM Nikola Dimitrov raged in a long Facebook post, criticizing the new French proposal that the Government published on its website late Friday afternoon.
Under the title “Foreign Government”, Dimitrov explains why “our start (of negotiations) is in two installments”.
“First, if in the previous package, the negotiations would have been opened after the amendments to the Constitution, now the opening will start immediately, as soon as the protocol is signed, but again conditionally because it is written that the negotiations will be opened after the inclusion of the Bulgarians in the Constitution.
According to Dimitrov, these are absolutely the same documents, only the title has been changed – now they are not protocols but reviews and measures, but Article 12 is written in black and white, so there is no doubt what it refers to. That, says Dimitrov, is the article where it is said that the Macedonian-Bulgarian intergovernmental commission will meet once a year, review what has been done and apply measures, adopting a document that we used to call a protocol.

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