Former President Ivanov warns of a new national betrayal


The former head of state Gjorge Ivanov expressed his opinion on the French proposal. Ivanov believes that the Macedonian people are again witnesses of national betrayal, and that the defense of Macedonia is the only way out.
“As the former President, who for 10 years was a witness and a strong opponent of all vile games for the destruction of the Republic of Macedonia, I call for the rejection of the French proposal. With such a ‘solution’, the Republic of Macedonia will be plunged into a legal, political and historical abyss. The Macedonian people have once again witnessed a national betrayal. Human dignity and acquired rights are the red lines that must not be crossed. They are not discussed or negotiated. Disobedience is the only way out.
The defense of Macedonia is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Long live the Republic of Macedonia, added Ivanov in a Facebook post.

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