Fifty sacral buildings in the Ohrid-Struga region monitored, some need protective interventions


Over the past two months, 50 churches and monasteries in the Ohrid-Struga region have been monitored for their condition, within the framework of the project “Monitoring the Orthodox Cultural Heritage”, which is implemented by ICOMOS Macedonia in cooperation with MOC-OA, and with financial support from the US Embassy.
In the Debar-Kichevo diocese, as informed by Ana Aleksova Tutkovska, an art historian from the Administration for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, it is planned to monitor the condition of a total of 140 Orthodox sacred buildings.
“Preliminarily, the opinion of the expert team conducting the inspection is that the facilities monitored so far are in relatively good condition. That is, the architecture of the covered churches and monasteries is in good condition, while the condition of the wall paintings and iconostases varies and for some of them it has already been established that it is necessary to undertake certain protective interventions”, said Aleksova Tutkovska.

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