Osmani: Not accepting the proposal brings risks of hopelessness, crises, inter-ethnic tensions


Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani believes that the proposal submitted by the French Presidency of the EU is good, it opens the way and allows the country to catch the “last train” to the Union, while its non-acceptance carries risks of hopelessness, crises, inter-ethnic tensions and deadlock in the “Balkan mud”.
“Topics for new unions, for a new political union, have already begun to be officially opened. If we don’t start now, Albania will start the negotiations, we will stay, Bulgaria is going to the elections. With such polls most likely there will be no government in the next year or two, this issue will be stuck for years and years to come. Here we will implode from all possible crises that will arise from the lack of perspective. People will start deciding to finally flee here because they have families who still hope that they will be fine, that there will be a European perspective, they keep their children here, they don’t take foreign passports. If we say no, if Albania starts the negotiations, if the people realize that there is no future, believe that thousands will start taking passports from the neighborhood, thousands will make a decision to leave and leave the country because there is no future,” Osmani said at a press briefing.

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