First quantities of lindane from the Ohis factory on their way to France


We are particularly pleased to announce that the first seven containers of pure HCH, each weighing 22-26 tons, left the Ohis factory on Monday afternoon and are on their way to the port of Thessaloniki, from where they will go to France, the Ministry of the Environment and spatial planning informed on Tuesday.
“With this, the transportation of hazardous historical waste from the small landfill by the former industrial giant Ohis began.
Just as special attention was paid to the safety of the very process of mining lindane and its isomers stored in the small landfill of the former giant Ohis, it was also coordinated, precise and extremely careful, with a particular commitment to experienced professionals who know their work down to the last detail. detail, the preparation for transport was carried out, which includes packing and loading and the transport itself

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