Byrnes: The U.S. stands strongly behind the European integration of Macedonia and the path to the EU


The United States Ambassador to Skopje Kate Marie Byrnes said on Wednesday at the ceremony at the U.S. Embassy on the occasion of the 246th anniversary of the independence of the United States, that the road of N. Macedonia is heading towards the European future, and along the way, the country and its citizens will have to face all the difficult challenges for the whole.

“As North Macedonia, as well as you, will continue to climb the hill towards a more secure European-integrated future, you will also have to face difficult challenges. The dilemmas they create are unique to your country and your journey, but you are not alone in facing them. The United States is with you on that climb,” Byrnes said Wednesday evening.

“North Macedonia is a reliable friend that we trust. We cooperate together to protect the environment, culture and economic opportunities that make North Macedonia a vital part of the region, said Byrnes.

The U.S. Ambassador added that since 2019, the United States has invested nearly $60 million in industry, infrastructure and innovation, creating thousands of jobs.

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