Macedonia can’t change textbooks without Bulgaria changing their textbooks too, there must be reciprocity, says Georgiev


There must be reciprocity here. It is two-sided, reciprocal. We received all the textbooks from Bulgaria, as they also received the Macedonian textbooks. All the obligations that will result from the recommendations, for example for joint worship, also apply to Bulgaria, not only to Macedonia. The recommendations also apply to Bulgarian textbooks, not only to Macedonian textbooks, says Commission member Dragi Georgiev in an interview with Kanal 77.

North Macedonia will not undertake unilateral obligations, and everything that the Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission for historical issues will do is based on reciprocity, says Professor Dragi Georgiev.

“North Macedonia cannot change its textbooks, without Bulgaria changing its own textbooks. North Macedonia cannot change an inscription on one of the monuments, for example, if it comes to that, without Bulgaria changing it as well, and leaving it as it is. There must be reciprocity, it goes both ways,” said Georgiev.


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