Ultimatum, NO thank you” – Seventh day of protest against the French proposal


Citizens with waving Macedonian flags and t-shirts with “NO” written on them, as well as “We cheer for Macedonia”, are part of the participants in the protest against the French proposal that started Sunday night in front of the Government.

On “Ilinden” boulevard, the slogan “No pasaran” in red letters is still standing, and a group of young people chanting “Macedonia” with drums. Banners “Still we will win” and “Stop Bulgarianization” can also be seen, but the main and biggest one is “We do not negotiate with fascists”.

According to the announcements, an address by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski is planned, immediately after the start of the protest march.

The protest against the French proposal, under the motto “Ultimatum- NO thanks”, is being held for seven consecutive days. The participants from the Government will head to the Ministry of Justice, where they are expected to express their messages, and then they will continue in front of the Parliament.

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