Mickoski to indorse SDSM government if its MPs reject the French proposal


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski urged the SDSM MPs to reject the French proposal, and he will support the survival of the current government, even if it is a minority one.
“Be dignified, respected MPs from the ranks of SDSM and do not give in to pressure from some leading people of your party. I want something to be known. My goal is not a fight for bare power, but primarily the protection of state and national interests by rejecting a process that is harmful to Macedonia. And that should be our common struggle in which we should all unite on the side of the people and on the side of our Macedonia. SDSM MPs, if you reject the Government’s information, I promise you that I will not demand elections and I will support the survival of this government, even if it is a minority one, so that Macedonia will not be blackmailed and humiliated and that what now it is offered to us. My offer is honest and sincere and it is guided exclusively by the interests of the people and the future of our Macedonia. MPs from the ruling parties, I invite you to stand with us, with the people of Macedonia, on the right side of history. Loudly shout out “Ultimatum, no thanks”. Don’t be a slave to your party, but be, as befits, solely in the service of the people! The ball is in your court! We are all one in this battle! We lend you our hand!, Mickoski said in a video address to the MPs of SDSM posted on Tuesday.

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