Kisela Voda publishes international contest for Rasadnik  



The Municipality of Kisela Voda announced the International Contest for an idea solution for the Nursery, the first International Contest in Macedonia after 1965. Mayor Orce Gjorgjievski announced on Wednesday at a press conference all the details about the contest, which will be opened in the next four months.

“Without going into the content in detail, I would like to point out that our program guidelines for this part of Kisela Voda foresee the existence of a kindergarten, primary school, religious building, urban park – forest of at least 100,000 m2, sports and recreational facilities, higher education with a botanical garden, etc. We will ask the participants for a high-quality, modern architectural-urban solution that will satisfy the needs of different groups of users and at the same time will optimally use the capacity of the location,” said Gjorgjievski.

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