With the French proposal, Macedonia is entering a dark labyrinth from which it will not be able to get out for the next 30 years


This proposal creates new criteria. Bilateral relations between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia become conditions for Macedonia’s further progress towards the EU. This proposal becomes a dark labyrinth from which the Macedonian people and the Macedonian state will not be able to get out in the next 30 years, said VMRO-DPMNE MP Aleksandar Veljanovski at today’s session of the Parliament.

“Unfortunately, both yesterday and today, Mr. Kovachevski cowardly and treacherously planted a coward’s egg here in the Parliament and escaped because he cannot face us, the representatives of the people, who we have and how we can tell him. Kovachevski does not have to run away because he can never run away from the people and there is no hole in which he can hide together with his mentor Zoran Zaev. Justice will reach him because it may be slow, but it always arrives at the right address,” Veljanovski pointed out.


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