VIDEO| Martin’s brother arrives in Greece and joins the search, volunteers from Skopje arrive Friday afternoon


Rescue service OFKATH continued today the search for Martin Jovanovski, who has been missing for seven days ago, when he and two of his friends were pulled by the sea currents near Miti beach in Posidi, on the first leg of Halkidiki.

They posted a search alert on Facebook with a video showing Martin’s brother, Goran. As it was announced, he has already arrived in Greece from the USA and is actively involved in the search for his brother.

“The search continues for the seventh day by water and air to locate the missing Martin. On the second day, a plane took off from the Thessaloniki Aeroclub, which is searching for Katerini and Larisa beaches. His brother, who came from America this morning, is also participating in the search from today, and in the afternoon we are waiting for the volunteers from Skopje who will help. The fight continues,” OFKATH wrote on social media.


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