Marichikj for Serbian “Politika”: We have made a historic decision, we are moving towards EU membership with dignity


The Macedonian Vice Prime Minister in charge of European affairs Bojan Marichikj, in an interview with Belgrade’s “Politika” daily newspaper, published on Monday, says that the Macedonian government responded “statefully and responsibly” to all the challenges it faced during the dialogue with Bulgaria and the EU and that in all documents, which were made public, including the Protocol, “succeeded in protecting the Macedonian language and identity”.

“There is no chance for assimilation, Bulgarianization, nor any territorial claim. On the contrary, we received a European proposal that allows us to start accession negotiations with the European Union immediately, with a protected Macedonian language and identity, and at the same time we have a compromise document that will allow us to quickly overcome the open issues with Bulgaria”, says Marichikj.

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