Inspectorate to check whether there is an artificial shortage of pellets and firewood


 As before, when trying to make a profit by hiding food products, all the companies that did it were pointed out, and now we will do the same with those who are trying to create an artificial shortage of pellets and firewood to increase their prices, said Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi on Wednesday.

“Today, the Government will give the task of the Inspectorate to go out in the field to confirm that such indications are true. The indication is that traders do not lack quantities of firewood pellets, but they do so artificially, as someone tried to do with food products some time ago to increase their prices. If we had a law on military profiteering, we would have reacted easily,” Bytyqi said in response to a question at a press conference in the Government building on Wednesday.

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