Archbishop Stefan: We have nothing against the Greeks calling us Ohrid Archdiocese


The Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HH Stefan in an interview with Belgrade’s Politika says that it is not a problem that the Greek block of Orthodox churches will call the Macedonian church only the Ohrid Archdiocese, and not the Macedonian Orthodox Church.
“We are aware of the sensitivity of the issue of our name among the Greek block of Orthodox churches. Therefore, we will not ask them to call us by the name they do not like. Since we are the heirs of the famous Ohrid archdiocese, being addressed by that name on their part is not a problem for us. However, I am convinced that the brother bishops will realize that we cannot call ourselves anything other than Macedonians, i.e. that for us our church is as much Macedonian as it is Ohrid. Here there will probably be things that will have to be resolved, but faith and love can also move mountains. If both sides show that they act with the love of Christ, an agreement between the Greek Church and ours, the Macedonian church, will be easily reached,” says the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HH Stefan in an interview with “Politika”.

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