Angeloski: We are in an economic tsunami, business expects serious support


Companies are in an extremely difficult situation caused by the rise in energy prices, and in order to avoid serious and long-term consequences, properly sized and targeted state support is necessary, said the president of the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, Trajan Angeloski in an interview with the regional Bloomberg Adria.

“With the enormous growth of energy prices, the business activities of many companies are becoming unsustainable. Because of this, a significant number of enterprises stop production, and some try to adapt it to night mode or with some other modifications that will enable lower energy consumption. The fact is that Macedonia is not directly affected by the price of gas because it does not have a large distribution network, but the increase in the price of gas on the stock market immediately leads to an increase in the price of electricity, which has a very negative effect,” said Angeloski.


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