VMRO-NP: The tanks Macedonia donated were bought from Ukraine


The VMRO-People’s Party (VMRO-NP) led by former Prime Minister Ljubcho Georgievski in relation to the articles in the region about the origin of the tanks that are donated to Ukraine say that if it is a question of the same tanks that were purchased in the conflict in 2001, they were not donated by Russia, but were bought from Ukraine.
“We want to emphasize that the Republic of Macedonia did not receive the tanks as a donation from Russia, as some media write, but the state bought them from Ukraine, which was a very important help considering that at that time there was an unofficial embargo on the sale of arms to Macedonia. We want to add and stress that the tanks were not received as aid, but were bought with Macedonian money”, says the VMRO-NP.
The Ministry of Defense informed earlier that they were “third generation tanks which, with the development of technology in a few years, would be uncompetitive and incompatible with our demands for the supply of a western platform”.

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