Cannabis fields found in Debar region worth about EUR 500,000 on the black market


On Wednesday and Thursday (27/28/07/2022) by police officers from the Police Station for Border Crossing and Border Surveillance Blato, at the Regional Center for Border Affairs West, in the Orman area, near the village of Spas in the Debar region, in the immediate vicinity of the border with Albania, after measures and actions taken, more plots planted with cannabis sativa were found.

At the same time, about 500 trees were planted on the plots, from which marijuana worth about half a million euros would be obtained on the black market, as well as wireless cameras and a pump for treating plants, the Ministry of the Interior informed on Saturday.

According to the direction of the Public Prosecutor, part of the trunks were taken away and handed over for expert examination, while the rest of the trunks were destroyed. After clearing and documenting the case, an appropriate submission will be submitted.

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